Procyon is the Polish construction company. We specialize in placing reinforcing steel, wire meshes. We install rebar in all areas of construction, residential, commercial and industrial. Procyon disposes also well qualified carpenters, that perform great job within form, scaffolding and concrete.

Company was established in 2006. In the beginning worked as a consult within construction industry later on as a contractor. Apart from the fact that this is young company it is known in keeping a positive Contractor - Subcontractor relationship, by combining quality, efficiency and dedication to completing a project. It is our mission to do all installations to the best of our abilities on time and to ensure that all our work is correct and ready to pass inspections. All these is assured by top quality craftsmanship.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to serve you as the best, most qualified reinforcing steel business in the area. Please enter us into your data base and do not hesitate to mail or fax us a bid invitation.